About Us

Mod N3xus is a website that allows gamers to show their mods and discuss things on the forums! Free of charge we offer you as gamer free space to place your mods for several games.

Currently we are waiting on our website to be finished, but the forums are fully operational and this page layout is until our website is completed. Currently we do not take any subscriptions of your work until everything is finished. We do not wish to offer you something that is broken or half finished. Please do enjoy the mods made by Mechwarrior94 and which will be posted on here by him.Also feel free to get yourself a account on our forums and discuss things!

(if the forum autoban's you, please let me know on twitter so we can fix that.)
(We had some idiots coming in to destroy all our work, so extra protection)

Februari 11th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94