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Mod N3xus is a website where all my mods for PC games are posted on. Soon there will be a brand new look so that you can register, login and respond to any post I place. Currently there is no forum, this due to it being intergrated into the website itself. Further information about this later when available.


Project H-001 (FoNV)
Page release!

I forgot to add that I already placed a page containing information for this mod to this website. So a short message for today only!

Webpage link for Project H-001

December 20th, 2013 by Mod N3xus Admin

Project H-001 (FoNV)

A new mod that I am working on together with Mr. Three-Dog himself, Erik Todd Dellums! The goal of this project is:

The first work in progress video has already been released! If you like to view that video, please click here
Soon there will be a page added that should give more details of this project!

December 18th, 2013 by Mod N3xus Admin

Finally a new mod!

I know, took to long for news on this website.
This due to some private things going on in past months.
My apolagies for not even giving a notice on this. But we do work on!

A new mod finally for Fallout: New Vegas!
A mod located in Good Springs and specially designed for new players and players that do not like the current excisting housing mods in Good Springs.

Read More!

Further news, I am working on another mod which will be located in Freeside behind the Mormon Fort. This will also be a player home and will be uploaded when finished. It will take a while due to the size of this project.

July 17th, 2013 by Mod N3xus Admin

News! (Finally)

We have started working again on the website and other things. Our apolagies for the long wait, but unfortunately there was no way to do anything about it. Hackers, new server and trying to find a new suitable website that will work for us. Besides that, we decided to have a break as well due to private reasons.

But now we are back! We will be doing a bit more now. The forum is currently down due to the transfer to a new server. The forum has not been saved, thus it needs to be restarted. We decided however NOT to do this just yet. Since we are looking for a new website look that works even better for you. Also this includes a possibility for smartphones! You will however not be able to download files on a smartphone though. This for your own protection in data limits etc. Also would take way to long!

Crawling decided to stop with his episodes and roam around on servers. Mechwarrior94 decided to start working on a huge Fallout 3 mod, which already got Obsidian and Bethesda wondering. Details coming when ready!

December 26th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin

First Minecraft Map!

Crawling has released his first map for Minecraft!
Simple to install, but a nice change to the regular maps!

Read more!

March 23th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin

3 New FoNV Mods!

Mechwarrior94 has posted 3 new mods!
All 3 are for Fallout New Vegas and 2 of these are renewed for re-upload! Including his first mod for New Vegas is included.

  1. Player Lockers
  2. Lost Novac Bunker
  3. FOB - Floating Objects Bug fix

Februari 24th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin

ModN3xus Twitter!

Mod N3xus has now it's own Twitter account!
The previous stated account is Mechwarrior94's and was used for starting up. Now please do follow our own Twitter account and enjoy!

Februari 22th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin

G.E.C.K. Tutorials!

Mechwarrior94 created this far 2 brand new tutorials for the G.E.C.K. and explaining how you can install a mod for Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. These tutorials will be expanded probably later on, but for now only the basics.

So if you are in need of a tutorial, please do take a look at our tutorial pages!

Februari 21th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin

Fallout 3/NV mods redone!

Mechwarrior94 is currently redoing his mods. This to update and improve on all of these. All mods will be redone including the most simple that seem to be finished. Although this may take a bit of time, they will be added eventually. Including pictures and for some brand new videos!

Februari 21th, 2012 by Mod N3xus Admin