Pitt Player Home

The Pitt, a place you don't really stick around during the vanilla game. But with even mods that add some buildings etc. you likely still wouldn't want to stick around. When the few quests are done you likely head back to the Capitol Wasteland and try to kill some time in there.

So why this mod? Well I kept noticing you could not stash your gear anywhere. Besides that everything you gathering in there is rather much, meaning you need to figure out where to store savely. Some mods allow you to have a follower (or multiple) within the Pitt. However these are unable to get in some areas still and so you need a save location for them. So this is why this mod was born!

The mod was orriginally not intended to support any kind of mod related to followers and such. Even was far smaller then it currently is! It used to be no more then a hole in the ground with 1 bed, 1 locker and nothing else. But due to the requests I got I had to update it and make it bigger. Now with the 2.0 version you will get a lot more space! Not all is usable, but it sure is nice to have at least a home.

There are now multiple beds, more idle markers, more sitting space, more lights, pet troggs have now idle animations so they are actually doing something. I placed a few collision walls so they won't escape and the player won't be able to kill them (unless cheating). Also collision walls are placed by 2 other locations to prevent nosey people (cheaters) from falling out of the structure.

Map with Location (Spoiler Alert!)

Download this file now! (7,23 Mb)
(download includes pictures)

NOTE: Please see the G.E.C.K. Tutorials for how to install this mod!

Februari 22th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94