RC Player Home

This player home was created after myself and others wondering about why there was never a player home in Rivet City. Yes there is a rentable room, but this is never 100% owned by the player since the door will lock after a while and you need to re-hire the room. So counting in that, it will not really work as player home.

Knowing this I decided to make a home at first in one of the empty rooms, actually tried 2 rooms for this role. First the one nearby the staircase which holds some clutter and the hiding spot for some drugs, as the game quest line goes. (Freefomr quest) The second was within the market area, you will see 2 doors there being 'locked'. The one on the top floor did not suit my needs, besides the tires were blocking it. The other is on the lower floor where the merchants have their goods. This one was partially a good place to start out, but since the market area is off-limits at specific times I could not proceed with that.

The third option was to make a bunker outside Rivet City. Although this would be a great option, you likely would run into problems with other mods you may have installed or vanilla content. Such as one of the DLC's that adds something outside and enemy troops that hunt for you (if you save Megaton). So that was not really a great solution. Neither the part of a possible shoreline entrance, which would cause to much editing and possible messing up the entire area.

So option four was on the deck of the Rivet City carrier itself.
This became the final location for this mod. Once you exit the tower to the flightdeck you will pretty much directly see it on your left side. The outside is a aircraft shell that also is used in Megaton. The inside is the inside shell of this aircraft hull. I placed just a few things inside so it wouldn't get too cluttered or too much of a mess.

I placed 2 chairs, a fitting table, 2 beds, 14 lockers, 1 vending machine, 16 material boxes (reduced now from 24), workbench and a few other things that you may need on your journey in Fallout 3. But which is new is a doghouse with Dogmeat's name on it! This doghouse is in use with the vanilla game, but never had a dog attached to it in some way. Now dogmeat can sit infront of that doghouse if you installed a mod that allows this.

I moved around the motorbike, but dont touch it! You will make it tip over!
This is intentionally done to make the room more 'active'. Also I placed some clutter around the room to spice the room up a little more. Lights inside are also now a little bit closer to each other to make it light up a little more. Where outside I worked on the lights a little further to gain some extra light there.

The mapmarker has now a new feature added as well!
You will now no longer teleport in on the map marker itself, but on a new location near it! So you can see the entire front of the house instead of just the door! The name inside the game is however now changed to 'Rivet City Deck House' because it sounded more fitting.

I am however thinking of adding a key that you need if you want to get inside it. But for this moment only a idea, let me know on the forum what you think about this!

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(download includes pictures)

NOTE: Please see the G.E.C.K. Tutorials for how to install this mod!

Februari 22th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94