FOB - Floating Objects Bug fix

I am sure you also seen odd things float in mid-air, big gaping holes in buildings, mountians etc. Since both Obsidian as Bethesda won't fix these bugs and release a patch for it. I decided to do this massive job myself. But as luck has it, this project keeps giving problems. A lot of cells include invisible objects and thus are impossible to fix. But also the problem of there being so many issues related to floating objects, clipping problems, etc. That getting them all will take a lot of time.

The download is online, but please know further update will occure when ready. Please do read the entire ReadMe -file, without this you may end up doing something you should not. Have questions or found a bug like this? Please post these in this topic on our forum!

Progress Log
Download this file now! (55,7 kB)

NOTE: Please see the G.E.C.K. Tutorials for how to install this mod!

Februari 23th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94