Lost Novac Bunker

This is one of my many projects, although this stays small and was meant to be a small place for me to stash my gear and followers. I made this in just a day, wasn't really be meant to be perfect although the new goal to release it, made it more a pressing matter to still make it good looking, but still functional. You as player are required to find the keys, 1 for the house itself and the other for the bunker entrance. Inside you find lots of terminals which have readable content including some hints...

I recommend to read the ReadMe file closely for further details, including a good hint for where you can find the keys! 

Download this file now! (24,4 kB)

NOTE: Please see the G.E.C.K. Tutorials for how to install this mod!

Februari 23th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94