Player Lockers

Ever Wondered about the lack of storage space in the start?
Why even further in the game you really have rarely the opertunity to store anything at all? Well this is because Obsidian did not add any structure that the player can gain. In the vanilla game you can however get the Lucky 38, but this is nearly in the end of the game and will be rather useless to you.

I boughed Fallout New Vegas as pre-order, so had it well within the first day. But within the first hour of playing I was already stuffed with gear. So I decided to do something about it, even if it would be a quick solution that later on could be obsolete. However this point never would comeI discovered while reading the Official Game Guide. So I uploaded it so players at least would have a few lockers.

With a later update I added a map marker for Doc Mitchell's home. (version 1.1) I even wanted to make a new version that replaced the lockers and placed these on a new location. Including adding new lockers, boxes, etc. to gain more storage space. This last update would however never see the upload stage since I completely forgot itafter a while. (version 1.2)

Version 2.0

The 2.0 version is started from scratch, so a fresh start. Besides this I made it more looking like the things that already were in Doc Mitchell's home. I placed a new map marker and during nav mesh time I noticed Obsidian messed that up as wel. So fixed that up a little so it wouldn't cause a problem anymore.

Armor Storage: 1
Clothing Storage: 1
Mod Clothing/Armor Storage: 1
Food Storage: 4
Ammo Material Storage: 4
Material Storage: 8
Magazine/Book Storage: 1
Medical Storage: 3
Other Storage: 2

I will not show pictures where you should look or to show what it is. It is in the hallway where 2 metal shelfs are. This hallway leads to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

I strongly recommend NOT using both versions incase you have the old version(s). These will NOT come to any good and likely will either break your Fallout NV making you crash. Or cause clipping problems since containers will be on similar spots.

Download this file now! (4.54 kB)

NOTE: Please see the G.E.C.K. Tutorials for how to install this mod!

Februari 23th, 2012 by Mechwarrior94