Project H-001

This mod is a co-operation between myself and Erik Todd Dellums!
The mod was originally started as a joke but soon after it became all to real. Erik Todd Dellums wanted to help out with a mod after seeing some of my work. So I thought up a quick idea for a brand new follower.

This follower was planned to start in the town of Good Springs, but I did not want to keep it by only a follower. So a house was first created and a while later more cells were planned.

Project Information

Starting Date: 2013/July/20
Release Date: < Unknown >
Type: Follower / Player Home / New World
Location: Good Springs
Current Version: 0.07a (NOT RELEASED!)
Current Cell Count: 3 finished, 1 started, 3 planned

The first thing I want to complete is several cells, when this is done I will be releasing a BETA version. This BETA version will however be a full release and free for anyone to download!

Since this will be the very first follower that I will be releasing, and never really got far with previous follower projects, I will be working on this AFTER the first release. This meaning all cells will be completed first! Also there is no specific story for this follower at this stage, it will be discussed with Erik Todd Dellums when I start at this stage.



Youtube - First WiP video release


WiP 001
WiP 002
WiP 003

Mention's on other websites

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Here the most commen questions I been getting for this mod

Q: Will there be new lines for the follower or will Erik Todd Dellums actually not help you?
A: I showed some of my work to Erik which he seemed to like. I made some jokes and before I knew it he offered to help out. This is how this project started. So yes he actually will help out with brand new voice-over lines! I however never managed to do a follower myself, so bare with me. It will will take some time to finish this all. I am NOT with Obsidian NOR Bethesda, meaning I do not have a team behind me. I work solo on the entire project, except for the voice-over part which will be done by Erik Todd Dellums.
The ultimate goal is showing Bethesda what my skills are and hopefully getting hired by them.

Q: How long are you working on this project now?
A: Few months now, started around start summer 2013.

Q: Why is it called "Project H-001"?
A: Actually that is the work name for this project. I will change that later on, I suggest to keep a eye on this page from time to time for any updates.

Q: Can I make suggestions or requests?
A: Of course you can! It will however take time to get everything added. I will NOT deliver something that is not ready for release.


Bethesda - For the Fallout Series
Obsidian - For making Fallout: New Vegas
Erik Todd Dellums - For helping me with the voice-over part for this follower. Plus supporting my work! Thanks Erik!

December 18th, 2013 by Mechwarrior94